Film Solutions for Radiology

Carestream-T-MAT-G-RA-Films p "Carestream" offers the industry's most comprehensive line of high-quality conventional imaging systems, because more choices means fewer limits. You can find a system to match clinical needs, operational requirements, budgets, or all three.
"Carestream" provides a wide range of film offering unprecedented quality.
 - For general radiography, our systems offer zero light crossover and wide dynamic range to minimize blurring.
 - For GI/GU, angiographic, orthopedic and thoracic applications, our more advanced systems increase X-ray detection efficiency, reveal finer detail and maintain high line pair visibility at 4% MTF.
 - For mammography "Carestream" films are considered the gold standard for this challenging application.

Chemicals, Developers and Fixers

Carestream-RP-X-OMAT-Developer-Replenisher p

A key element in the imaging chain, processing chemicals can affect image contrast, system speed, image tone, fog, D-Max, and artifacts. And all processing chemicals are not the same.
Developed based on extensive experience in designing and manufacturing screen-film-chemical systems, "Carestream" Chemicals favorably impact diagnostic confidence; workflow. "Carestream" designed for health, safety and environmental issues.





 KODAK DRYVIEW DVB Laser Imaging Films

carestream DRYVIEW-5850-Laser-Imager-System pKODAK DRYVIEW DVB Laser Imaging Film 3.0 is formulated specifically for KODAK DRYVIEW DVB laser imagers. Use this film for superb images with lower noise, better density uniformity, and greater visibility of subtle detail to enhance your diagnostic confidence. One film for all DRYVIEW Imagers, KODAK DRYVIEW DVB Film has one of the largest selections of film sizes available on the market today. A long shelf life simplifies inventory control and provides opportunities for cost savings. Reloading is fast and simple, daylight film cartridges load in less than 10 seconds in full roomlight with no cutting or bag disposal.