Computed Radiography

Get high-resolution image quality and enable accurate diagnosis with Carestream CR solutions. Available in a variety of flexible point-of-care CR options or as a central system with multiple workstations, our CR systems scale to meet your needs and integrate seamlessly with your existing equipment.

carestream DirectView-Elite-CR-System hDIRECTVIEW Elite CR is designed for distributed and central CR applications where image quality, rapid image availability, lower costs and high departmental productivity are paramount.

    Produces high quality images with a footprint that is compact enough to be placed in an X-ray room or control console room.
    Integrates a central database with multiple workstations to improve workflow, productivity and patient throughput.


Throughput: up to 90 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)

carestream DirectView-Elite-CR-System hDIRECTVIEW Classic CR

Improve your workflow and boost productivity with the compact, single-cassette DIRECTVIEW Classic CR system.

    Streamlines workflow for higher productivity and patient throughput.
    Produces high-quality images and allows placement in any X-ray room or X-ray control console room.

Throughput: up to 69 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)

carestream DirectView-MAX-CR-System hDIRECTVIEW Max CR

The DIRECTVIEW Max CR System maximizes throughput, productivity and patient satisfaction.

    Reduces radiographer queuing and allows images to be forwarded directly to multiple networks and the exam room.
    Offers faster throughput, easier cassette loading, expanded software capabilities, and reduced service access requirements for greater placement flexibility.

Throughput: up to 101 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)

carestream DirectView-Vita-CR-System hDIRECTVIEW Vita CR

The Vita CR System is an affordable, compact, tabletop imaging solution designed specifically for small hospitals, clinics and specialty practices.

    Compact footprint fits easily into small areas
    Light weight and portable makes it ideal for mobile units
    Simple integration into your current workflow

Throughput: up to 44 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)

caretream Vita-SE-CR pDIRECTVIEW Vita SE CR

An affordable, compact system suitable for both centralized and decentralized workflow environments.

    Compact, tabletop design
    Capture long bone images
    Available with Image Suite software for a “mini PACS” solution

Throughput: up to 61 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)

caretream POC-CR-360-System hDIRECTVIEW Vita LE CR

The Vita LE System is a lightweight, compact tabletop system designed specifically for small space environments.

    Simple to use software
    Perfect for mobile applications
    View and send digital images instantly

Throughput: up to 25 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)